HR Calibration 3.0” is the third season of the nation's biggest inter-university HR based competition. It is the first and only national competition based on HR practices, where students of different universities from various disciplines participate and get the chance to connect the theories with the corporate world. HR Calibration 3.0 is set to start from December 6, 2019 and this time it is bigger and better than ever. Compete with the HR enthusiasts from all across the country for a chance to be a part of Nation's 1st Competition on Building Strategic HR Model.


Matador Stationery Presents “HR Speaks Out 4.0” is a three-day long program with the tag line, “Bridging the gap between Industry and Academia”, in which people working in HR departments of different renowned organizations will come to share their insights in this field to help the students broaden their knowledge and perceptions regarding the corporate world. This event will allow the students to be acquainted with real-life Human Resource practices and the extent of their impact within any organization. This will also change their perspectives towards the theory that Human Resources is not only confined within the business organizations but also to all organizations.


HR RETHINK was an amazing initiative led by NSU HR Club in 2021. The webinar series, powered by The Business Standard, gave us some really valuable insights into the exciting world of human resources. It lasted for two days and featured a diverse group of HR experts who shared their professional journeys and experiences in choosing HR as a career path. It was such a fantastic opportunity for students and young professionals like us to learn and grow personally.


NSU HR CLUB arranges two recruitments in a year in order to recruit new members for the club. The recruitment generally includes 3-4 phases, which the applicants need to qualify for in order to become a member of the club. Undergraduate students of any department are eligible to apply. If you’re an undergraduate student excited to roam the realms of Human Resources, this is for you!